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Practice Update COVID-19

Please review the following updates to our practice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Shared daytime coverage with Dr. Iris Castaneda Van Wyk:

Mon & Wed – Dr. Iris

Tue, Thur & Fri – Dr. Barry

Nighttime: Dr. Barry on-call

Weekends: Dr. Barry & Dr. Iris alternate on-call coverage


(All covered by and billed to insurance)

-Virtual Well-Visits:  Pre-visit surveys will be emailed in preparation for a virtual well-visit; vaccine plan of care to be determined with Dr. Barry at that time; will arrange for in-office or home-visit for vaccines, testing for vision/hearing or labs for screening iron, lead levels and urine tests as needed;
-Virtual Care-Visits: Non-emergent care visits set-up with Dr. Barry; May include Spruce-visits, direct  Spruce video visits, image or video transfers and/or text messages;
-Virtual Check-ins: Communication using voice call, text message, transfer of information via image or video; can be used for any concern about a child’s health;
-Virtual  E-Visits: Communication through our online patient portal. (We are launching our new patient portal called Passport. Stay tuned, as it will become available this month.)


We want to stay connected with you!  Keep up-to-date via our website, the hub for all practice updates and a great resource for parents. It’s also has our social media links including our newly launched instagram page. Follow us and share our links with your friends!

-Instagram:  @petitepediatricssb,
-Facebook:    PetitePediatrics,
-Twitter:         drbarry@petitepeds


During this COVID19 crisis Petite Pediatrics will help offset the burden on the Emergency Departments by providing Telemedicine Virtual Visits for patients who aren’t established members of Petite Pediatrics. If you have family or friends who are in need of assistance with their child’s care, please direct them to our website to learn about our Virtual Peapod Membership Program that can provide as needed Telemedicine services.


We are launching a Peapod Visiting NP Program as a separate home visit service that will allow us to provide vaccine visits or simple evaluations that require an in-person assessment. We believe this is  a safe way to deliver necessary care for children and protect families during the COVID19 health care crisis. Pediatric Nurse Practitioners will work directly with Dr. Barry to provide medical care for Petite Pediatric families.


We are strong supporters of staying healthy and active. Home exercises and finding ways to let kids get their wiggles out is always good for our response to stress both physically and emotionally.  Other ways to support our bodies is through a healthy diet. Supplements can benefit a balanced diet in unique ways as well. We offer supplements for our patients exclusively. The OrthoMolecular Products line called Springboard has products for overall immune health: D-Hist and D-Hist Jr., Buffered VitC, Reacted Zinc, Probiotics (Flora Bites and FloraBoost), Imu-Max, Natranix, Kid-D liquid and Vit K/Vit D and WholeImune immunity supplements for older kids, teens and adults.  Available on our website soon.

Introducing CloudVisit Telemedicine at Petite Pediatrics

imagesCloudVisit Telemedicine:

We are excited to offer our patients the option of a telemedicine visit. 

Telemedicine is a secure way to communicate with Dr. Barry via electronic devices such as smart phones, tablet and lap/desktop computers. For families that may be traveling outside of the Santa Barbara area, this enables us to maintain continuity of care by discussing and evaluating non-emergent medical concerns.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed the use of telemedicine for children’s healthcare and recommends that telemedicine services be delivered in the context of a medical home, because this model of health care provides continuity and efficiency. 

You can register with our telemedicine service CloudVisit Connect by linking to the icon above.

This is a service that is billable to insurance and  is based upon the duration of time for the telemedicine appointment. 

Re-opening Petite Pediatrics after a “Twin Sabbatical”

I am excited to re-open and return to the practice of pediatrics after a wonderful year away…

I like to think of this past year as my “Twin Sabbatical,” as my husband and I are now the proud parents of twin boys who are active, healthy and thriving!

Thank you to all of the Petite Pediatric parents who have remained supportive during this time away. I also want to extend a warm thank you to the pediatricians in the Santa Barbara community who have helped to care for my patients. In particular, Drs. Iris Castaneda-Van Wyk (Dr. Iris) and Dr. Vic Phungrasamee (Dr. Vic). I am excited to continue to provide care for children in Santa Barbara. I look forward to ongoing supportive coverage with Dr. Iris and her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Nicole Downer.  We will continue to work together as “Sister Practices” in order to provide the best care for our patients.

My year away from clinical practice was filled with lessons and insights into parenting that, I believe, can only be gleaned from hands-on experience. Although I know my years of training and practice prepared me to be the best doctor I can be, my first year as a mother of twins has enhanced my doctor skills in ways I could have never imagined.  The years to come will be filled with growth, both as a parent and pediatrician. I look forward to sharing these experiences with parents in my practice via my Blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Please share your experiences and insights too. This will be a new forum for parents at Petite Pediatrics to discuss topics of interest. I cannot provide direct medical advice via this forum, but I’m happy to share general knowledge and welcome families to contact me directly if they have specific questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support of Petite Pediatrics!

Come Grow With Us,

Dr. Barry