Virtual Visits with Petite Pediatrics

Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis and limited availability for in-office medical visits, we are extending our virtual care services to patients who are not Annual Peapod Members at Petite Pediatrics.
  • Virtual Peapod Membership is for pediatric patients in need of acute, but not emergency care.
  • Spruce Telemedicine is used for all Virtual Visits to assure families the most secure form of communication.


Families traveling outside of the Santa Barbara vicinity can maintain continuity of care by discussing and evaluating non-emergent medical concerns. Medication and acute care guidance can be provided.

Visiting Santa Barbara

Families can utilize the Virtual Visit platform when visiting the Santa Barbara area by securing a Virtual Peapod Membership. Pediatric care is provided by a board-certified pediatrician.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has endorsed the use of telemedicine for children’s healthcare and recommends that telemedicine services be delivered in the context of a medical home as this model of healthcare provides continuity and efficiency.


Virtual Peapod or Annual Peapod Membership:

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Login to Spruce or Request an Appointment:

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Please note that Virtual Visits (Telemedicine) is billable to most insurance plans and Peapod Membership (Annual or Virtual) is not covered by insurance.

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