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Re-opening Petite Pediatrics after a “Twin Sabbatical”

I am excited to re-open and return to the practice of pediatrics after a wonderful year away…

I like to think of this past year as my “Twin Sabbatical,” as my husband and I are now the proud parents of twin boys who are active, healthy and thriving!

Thank you to all of the Petite Pediatric parents who have remained supportive during this time away. I also want to extend a warm thank you to the pediatricians in the Santa Barbara community who have helped to care for my patients. In particular, Drs. Iris Castaneda-Van Wyk (Dr. Iris) and Dr. Vic Phungrasamee (Dr. Vic). I am excited to continue to provide care for children in Santa Barbara. I look forward to ongoing supportive coverage with Dr. Iris and her Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Nicole Downer.  We will continue to work together as “Sister Practices” in order to provide the best care for our patients.

My year away from clinical practice was filled with lessons and insights into parenting that, I believe, can only be gleaned from hands-on experience. Although I know my years of training and practice prepared me to be the best doctor I can be, my first year as a mother of twins has enhanced my doctor skills in ways I could have never imagined.  The years to come will be filled with growth, both as a parent and pediatrician. I look forward to sharing these experiences with parents in my practice via my Blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Please share your experiences and insights too. This will be a new forum for parents at Petite Pediatrics to discuss topics of interest. I cannot provide direct medical advice via this forum, but I’m happy to share general knowledge and welcome families to contact me directly if they have specific questions or concerns.

Thank you for your support of Petite Pediatrics!

Come Grow With Us,

Dr. Barry



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